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Putting together a set list for performance
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Putting together a set list for performance

Putting together a set list of songs to perform is easy!  Consider that the average song is 3 minutes long; it is really anywhere from 2.5 min to 4 min, but the average is about 3 min. In a one hour performance you should prepare about 20 songs.  This still allows you a few minutes to comment in between songs.  A two hour set should have about 40 songs.  My advice is to prepare an extra ten songs so that if you don't feel like doing some in your original line-up, you have some alternative options.  Mix up the songs so you vary the tempo and do not perform too many slow ones in a row or your audience will get bored. Too many fast ones in a row gets boring also.  Keep it interesting with a few short and tasteful jokes in between.  And always...have a few sing-a-long songs to involve your audience!

Just Getting Started!

Welcome to my first blogging experience.  I hope you will share your own musical experiences with me as I continue to update you with mine.  I am actively seeking opportunities to perform my originals, covers and sing a long songs with you. 

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