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Pat Cronin grew up in Nebraska and New Mexico, moving to Southern California in the late 70's to study guitar at the Guitar Institute of Technology and pursue a new career path. As a child she played the violin, sang in choirs for church and school, played music with family and friends, always enjoying music as a hobby.  

In her adult life she played for her own enjoyment as she juggled the demands of work, education, family and life. In 1989, when their daughter was very young, Pat and her husband moved to El Dorado Hills, a quaint town in Northern California. She went back to school at CSUS to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and Art.  To help fund costs of her education Pat started a business painting murals and wall art.  She also played kid’s songs at local children’s birthday parties.   

After graduation Pat pursued a career in Commercial Interior Design.  Throughout the years, motherhood, career, education and family life always came first.  In the summer of 2001, Pat and her family moved back to Southern California where they continued raising their daughter and Pat worked for several commercial design firms.   In September of 2007 Pat read an ad in the local Camarillo newspaper, advertising a group of acoustic musicians who meet in homes and restaurants to play all kinds of music.  This group is called Songmakers, an organization that has been in existance since the 1950s. Pat started participating in a variety of hoots and song circles throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura areas.  She had so much fun playing songs with other musicians of all levels, that it got her back into playing the guitar, song writing and introduced her to a new circle of friends!  She even got involved on the Board of Directors and became their Membership Chair! 

In 2010 Pat left the design industry to take care of her aging parents.  She started song circles for seniors, where the seniors could sing along and participate with percussion instruments.  These song circles involve a number of musicians with a multitude of talents.  Most of the song circles are held in assisted living centers and booked by the activity directors.  Many of the musician attendees come from the Songmakers organization.  See

During this time Pat illustrated a children's book, entitled: "Do Hotdogs Grow On Trees", written by one of her long time designer friends, Kelly Davenport.  The book was published by Authorhouse and is available for purchase on For more information, see  This book experience gave Pat a new dream of writing and illustrating her own books, as well as writing and recording songs to go with them.   

Songs are usually written about our relationships, life experiences or events happening around us.  Creative expressions are limitless with art and music!  This past year, Pat went into Mountain Dog Music Works, a recording studio in Ojai, where she recorded one of her first songs, written about her daughter, called "She's an Angel".  

As a solo act, Pat performs her own original songs with acoustic versions of cover songs, including several sing-a-longs, for a fun musical experience. 

Today, Pat's daughter lives and works in the Camarillo area and is engaged to be married. Her husband retired from a 30 year career in law enforcement.  He enjoys building race cars to race in AutoCross.  Both Pat and her husband are active members of the Ventura County Corvette Club.  Pat continues writing and recording her songs and producing them along with her books.  She plays guitar, ukulele, banjo, vilolin and piano and continues to take both voice and instrument lessons .  She works part time performing her music for senior centers, restaurants and wineries.  Pat enjoys good harmony, simple arrangements, uplifting lyrics and interesting rhythms.  The best part about creating music is to be able to share it with others!  It is really all "in the mix"!   

We have no idea where our life journeys will take us, or who we will meet along the way, but music, songs, stories and good wine - all make life so much better!  They weave our experiences together, like a tapestry!  There are so many creative ways to incorporate music and art into your life.  Stories, music, art, wine - good friends and good food - all help to enrich our life experiences.  I am really happy that I can bring music and stories to  you, because music brings joy to the soul and happiness to the heart!

Enjoy and God Bless!

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